Suppressive Therapies, Homeopathy, and the State of Mankind

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Allopathy– a popular term in alternative medicine for the type of medicine practiced by the medical industry yet coined by Samuel Hahnemann the founder of Homeopathy a couple centuries ago– is largely a suppressive type of therapy. Why? Because it reduces the human organism to a machine, made of separate and disconnected parts (organs and tissues) that is too weak, too ignorant, and too fragmented to intuitively understand and/or fight ‘disease’ on its own. This spiritless body that only holds disease in the physical realm must surrender all of its evolutionary wisdom in the art and science of survival to a foreign chemical substance that will quiet the pain or the symptoms, because lest our poor precious fragile modern bodies feel any sort of pain. When viewed with such a materialist and limiting lens, the body can only be treated with similar medicines– reductionist, materialist, limited, and contrived substances that will attack and subdue the symptoms but not heal the body. These come in the many plentiful forms of chemical or biological drugs i.e. vaccines, antibiotics, pain medications, stimulants, depressants, mood regulaters, steroids, hormones, and, and, and…

What happens with the suppression?

The disease moves deeper into the organism, to more important organs or functions. Allopathy with no driving scientific principles guiding its course ultimately deepens disease; and thus, we arrive at ‘the modern human’– struggling with a lack of a spiritual center, living longer perhaps (though the human lifespan is predicted to get shorter with my children’s generation) but sicker, suffering from an unprecedented number of chronic diseases, sick now too in the mind (as mental illness is at an all time high in human history). It is as Dr Richard Palmquist ‏tweeted a few days ago: “It is basic science. What we suppress becomes stronger….“. We have seen this truth in all natural and human systems– that which we suppress becomes stronger. It is true also in our human organism.

So how is homeopathy different?

Well, homeopathy sees the human organism as an entire or WHOLE being functioning on several interconnected and interdependent plains of existence– the mental, emotional, and physical realms. All of these realms are powered, animated, or given life through an energetic body that expresses a disruption to its own system by manifesting ‘dis-ease’ or symptoms. Thus, a homeopath will approach symptoms very differently from that of an allopathic physician. The homeopath learns to read symptoms in sets and patterns and finds a natural substance with a ‘like’ symptom picture that will speak or resonate with the person’s energetic body, thereby stimulating the whole into healing itself.

It must be duly noted however that because homeopathy is too a medicine it too can act suppressively. An incorrect but close remedy may cause a suppression in sensitive individuals. A homeopathic suppression however will not be as a detrimental to the human organism as that of an allopathic one because: 1) homeopathy provides us with a method to antidote the action of remedies; and, 2) symptoms are to the homeopath like torches lighting an individuals unique ‘disease’ path, the symptoms that will be brought forth should ultimately lead the homeopath to the person’s correct remedy(ies) and a subsequent and permanent resolution to the person’s symptomology. Allopathic chemical drugging however can leave permanent or irreversible damage on the mental, emotional, and/or physical spheres and there is generally no allopathic method for antidoting the negative unwanted effects of chemical drugs except to introduce more chemical substances to the body.

The mental sphere being the most crucial to our function and survival is most at risk in our over-drugged and toxin-exposed societies.  It is no wonder that we now have societies that can leave billions in dire hunger, millions in cultures of fear and violence, and mothers and babies without homes or access to water.  Human history has always been stained with the madness of a few pathological tyrants, but pathology, suffering, and disease run excessively beyond the norm. The global injustice of 1% of the human species exploiting and abusing the planet and human life whilst vast amounts of ‘ordinary’ people gaze only at the atrocities from the view of spectators is just as much a pathology of mind in the collective human body as it is in illness in the mind of the individuals who make up this body. It is time we begin to discuss issues of health and disease as phenomena of the individual and of the collective(s), as well as of systems and of structures. Homeopathy, among many other alternative systems for health, offers deep and long lasting solutions to the suffering of our persons and to the suffering of our peoples– and ultimately their manifest systems.


4 thoughts on “Suppressive Therapies, Homeopathy, and the State of Mankind

    meikelawrence said:
    November 12, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    Reblogged this on Homeopathy for Vitality and commented:
    Thanks for your blog – as a homeopath myself, I try to give similar messages – there is a valid alternative that from a health industry that you and I represent, as opposed to the ‘sickness industry’ that is the only thing of offer at the moment

      doulahomeopath responded:
      November 12, 2013 at 10:00 pm

      Yes there are profits in sickness not in health. Or so they think. 😉

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    […] Suppressive Therapies, Homeopathy, and the state of mankind […]

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